Introduction This is yet another article  regarding SQL Server system databases Management. In last articles of the series, I talk about the tempdb database, the master database and the msdb database.   This article focuses on the model database, the last this series about SQL Server system databases. InRead More →

    Tips for ASP.NET Identify consumes and produdes in Operation Object In Swagger, HTTP verb like GET, POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE is referred as Operation Object. Each Operation Object can define which content types are to be requested (consumes) and which content types are to be returned (produces).Read More →

  The vault is a single pane view of all the collated data of your users, from the various data source repositories. This sounds like a lot of jargon but it’s quite simple really. In the diagram below we look at a really simple attribute firstName (givenName within AD)  AsRead More →

I’d like to tell you .Net for Events and Threads, but events in the context of threads in .NET.  So, I won’t try arranging threads correctly (with all blocks, callbacks, canceling, etc.) There are many articles on this subject. All examples are written in C# for the framework version 4.0Read More →

SSIS For Each Loop container

Later on, that day, Lionel Messi got married and as a result the “2PM” file contains changes to Leonel Messi’s marital status as shown in Figure 3. It is interesting to note that the default sort order of these text files in Windows Explorer is by file name – whichRead More →

Error Synchronize passwords

When implementing need to synchronize password changes from Active Directory to Lotus Notes (HTTP Password).  After configuring PCNS to send password change events to the FIM/MIM server, and configuring the IBM Domino MA as a password target I was hoping everything would just fire up like it normally does withRead More →